Dredge Developer Blog – Sprint 22

In our Developer Blog Updates we’ll talk about some of the work we’ve completed in the previous two weeks and explain our approaches. Through this you’ll get an understanding of our game development methods and tidbits on the features we’re planning for Dredge!


It’s pretty much all about Stellar Basin with some accessibility thrown in to boot.

Chapter 3

Joel takes to the pen again and writes our third chapter, with Researchers, angry sea monsters and a casual refactor of our inventory system…

+ Research Station Destination

+ Quest Grid Silhouette

Stellar Basin Monster Concepts

Mikey played around with tentacles and grabby hands in a total SFW kind of way.

Shaders (Camera Volume)

Alex like the mighty Maui changed the sun. Water also changed – being able to see fish particles really deep now, and previously unnoticed skeletons of dinosaurs were uncovered.

SB Fish Data

Stellar Basin has a whole bunch of fish and some really really far down for the first time. Also with nifty dev art.

+ Trawling & Potting zones


New Character art

Research Station

Millions of dollars worth of donations in ruins, what caused this?

SB Side-quests

+ Shark Shrine!

+ Really, really hard to find treasure

+ Will you get to pat the dog?

World Events

Two new world events this sprint:

+ Ghost Islands – resplendent with lit up houses, it lures you over just so you get jumped by the monster

+ Creepy SFX – Are we alone in the fog?

Zoning of World Events

Keeping certain things out of certain areas. No whales in Gale Cliffs (they’ll get too excited)

+ New debug commands


Or the stuff we don’t need to be running. Turns out some things get angry when they’re culled though and they try and sabotage the game. Vive la résistance! 

Deadzones in controls

No more drunken sailoring, oohhh what will we do

Weather Trigger System

Entering certain zones can now trigger specific weather conditions if they aren’t on cooldown

+ Aurora weather fx

Abandoned Fort

I was going to say these “old” gun placements but I guess they’re kind of modern. Soviet era bunker that aint coming down anytime soon

Sanity Drain spots

Maybe we’re going to change one of our core loop mechanics… now to figure out what the heck it would look like

  • Rods have been simplified! Not just to reduce art time but because this will be better for the player, somethingsomething give them a sense of achievement somethingsomething
  • Map notations – Ingfell, Settlement, Ford, Research Camp, Resort
  • Map markers for early quests
  • Buy-back price takes durability into consideration
  • Save File Deletion Confirmation – nice
  • Harvest spots now use contextual verbs – if you’re dredging or fishing or potting there’s now a specific prompt for that