Dredge Developer Blog – Sprint 21


In our Developer Blog Updates we’ll talk about some of the work we’ve completed in the previous two weeks and explain our approaches. Through this you’ll get an understanding of our game development methods and tidbits on the features we’re planning for Dredge!

We add the first final touches of Gale Cliffs and get a start on our next area, Stellar Basin!

Chapter 2 Iteration

Joel adds in some more complexity to Gale Cliffs with the addition of needing to find an heirloom, this has the added bonus of sending a player around the cliffs.

+ Whalebone crest by Alex

+ New Relic art

+ Old Mayors Dock placed in the Gale Cliffs area. The first of a few if you follow his trail.

GC Monster Iteration

Our first implementation saw him chasing the player when he noticed them, now he doesn’t care about the player, but don’t get in his way or he’ll still damage you. 

Moar Fush!

It feels like we had 7 fish for so long and now we’re up to 40? Conger Eels, Black-sea Bass and Devil Rays are now catchable at night around Gale Cliffs and Wreckfish and Tiger Mackerel now have two additional aberrations.


+ Best Before quest updated to require Conger Eels (GC Fish) rather than Blue Mackerel (Marrows Fish). Ace.

Pausing and muting SFX

Now only the soothing waves and weather play, although your underlying anxiety might worm its way through

Waterfall Update

Pretty water. Performs well too.

Travelling Merchants Pontoon

Mikey has not only built the Merchant a boat this sprint but a range of pontoons for her world-travelling needs. We’ll place some of the other pontoon models within the world in upcoming sprints, but for now her pontoon is anchored in Gale Cliffs.

Fish Type Labels

We updated these, then changed our mind and took it out again.

Resolution & Fullscreen Options

If your monitor supports it so do we now*!

*Within reason. 

Limited Aberration & Trophy catches

Special sparkly spots now disappear once you catch an aberration, and trophy chances are a cool 7%

Rebindable Controls

Who would’ve envisioned this? Full support for bindings. Still requires extensive testing. 

Ability for dialogue to award items

When you spend a bunch of time designing around missing functionality Joel has to ask himself why don’t we just add that in? While he was at it he went through and updated all of our now “legacy” quests that could support this feature — dialog with characters that award or require you to pick up items now generates a limited-time inventory grid, allowing players the ability to organise items in their inventory and meaning we no longer have to design around the full-inventory scenario. 

Stellar Basin Landmasses

Alex has broken ground on our tropical atoll, more of Stellar Basin coming soon!

Gale Cliffs Settlement

Joel paints incredible pictures with his words but Mikey is taking things to the next level and adding visuals to those.. pictures.