Dredge Developer Blog – Sprint 19

In our Developer Blog Updates we’ll talk about some of the work we’ve completed in the previous two weeks and explain our approaches. Through this you’ll get an understanding of our game development methods and tidbits on the features we’re planning for Dredge!

Sprint 19

We are fully immersed in Gale Cliffs right now — building the environment, setting the scene and crafting the story beats for the player.

Destructible walls

This area is already coming down anyway, why not help it along? In Gale Cliffs players will gain access to items that will allow them to remove blockages and access shortcuts or hidden hideyholes.

Main Questline Dialogue & Side Quests 

There’s some stuff going down in this new area for sure and what the Collector wants from this area seems obvious but you’ll need to figure out how to get to it.

Gale Cliffs Characters

A few first passes of characters to share with you, we have a few residents from the town of Ingfell which you can stop at just before reaching the Gale Cliffs, a Travelling Merchant who will pop up all over Dredge for your selling and buying convenience. Introducing also our recluse who is choosing to live among the dangerous tumbling rocks for some reason and… something else that patrols these rocky canals…

Trophy Fish

Golden notches appearing on your reel means you’ve hooked a trophy fish! Make sure you hit that notch to reel it in or else you’ll lose the big one. 

New Fish Art

The seas around Gale Cliffs fill up with new fish and crabby creatures! 

Filler Islands

There are now a few more landmarks between The Marrows and The Gale Cliffs, might be worth checking out on your way.

  • Casual Re-write of Chapter 1 — tweaking the story and making the fishmonger a bit fishier
    • We have a new item in the handkerchief
  • Durability of your items now effect the sale price – no more getting full sale on that broken crab pot!
  • Books on your bookshelf now order themselves nicely as you add to and read them
  • Shader tweaks – removed bits and pieces where they weren’t needed – like cloud shadows from underwater objects
  • Players can no longer place items in their trawl nets (fish-storage loophole closed)
  • Any aberration can now trigger the collectors questline (so players no longer pick up a mackerel from a completely different fishing spot)
  • Aberrations have had their inventory background updated to stand out from other fish
  • Aberrations can no longer be stolen by Ravens from the players inventory