Dredge Developer Blog – Sprint 15

In our Developer Blog Updates we’ll talk about some of the work we’ve completed in the previous two weeks and explain our approaches. Through this you’ll get an understanding of our game development methods and tidbits on the features we’re planning for Dredge!

Sprint 15

Usability and user experience was the name of the game this Sprint.

Ultra-wide monitor support

Making sure our game and UI smoothly supported Ultra-wide monitors, as an added bonus this also brought in windowed mode so you can resize the game, although funnily enough we recommend you use your default monitor settings. That reminds me… I should check in all other resolutions.

Moon now orbits the earth

The moon used to be static in the sky and now it has some orbit. We also changed it’s position relative to the earth so, for now at least, the sun and the moon don’t overlap. 

Item descriptions can change based on player sanity

The keen-eyed might notice that more might be revealed when you examine items under different circumstances.

Message in a Bottle World Art

Players might find these pieces of story exposition as they explore. Once you fish them out of the sea you can read what’s inside via “Messages” in your Cabin.

Points of Interest

A sparkly indicator that there’s something for players to inspect or investigate in this spot. Curious players will find more information and hints about the world or goings-on, they might lead players to new quests or items. Might be worth stopping to look if you pass one.

Cloth resource

Cloth now loads at shipwrecks and other salvage spots around the Marrows, allowing players to upgrade to at least the first major hull upgrade.


A bit of visual feedback for players as they fill up their inventory with fish.

Visual feedback for when a player deploys a crab pot and the current state of the pot – solid light means functional, flashing light means it’s caught something, and a dead light means the crab pot is broken and in need of repair.

New Side Quests

Intended likely for our expansion into our next area, Joel’s devved up three new side quests that players can complete, two of them might have very different outcomes depending on how you play it, for you and the characters involved.

World Events

Ahead of our beta we really wanted some more things happening in the world and to the player based on the players current mental state. We didn’t have much time so decided just to do three quick and easy things to get across to our beta players that stuff was going to happen if you didn’t keep your sanity in-check… Joel and Alex made 5 not-so-easy but pretty awesome effects:

  • Splash – What was that?
  • Ghostly Shapes – Players might spot silhouettes off in the distance through the fog but I’m not sure you can get to them before they disappear.
  • Watching Eyes – What do they want?
  • Appearing Rocks – Those weren’t there earlier right?
  • Attacks from the Deep – It seems to have a long reach.
Usability and User Experience fixes:
  • Fishing is pretty central to this game so if you find yourself without a fishing rod and no money to purchase on, the Shipwright will hook you up with a basic pole
  • Exit icon for dialog – Better communication to players of how to leave a conversation menu
  • Added title plate to Storage and Fishmonger grids to make them consistent with other UI 
  • Cloth now loads in GM so players can upgrade at least up to the first major Hull upgrade